Welcome to the Wiki that could just possibly encourage you to enjoy you Geography lessons at RAKESS a little bit more!

I shall be posting resources used in the classroom, addittional resources that are interesting and relevant to your general understanding of the topic and directly related to the syllabus that we are studying in class.

You can get involved in this wiki project by joining the wiki - this will allow you to discuss the suggested resources and also to contribute resources of your own that you have found.

From September 2010 all homeworks from KS3 to IGCSE, AS and IB Geography will be posted on a weekly basis..... so now you will never be able to come up with an excuse about how you forgot to do your homework or didn't write it in your planner correctly. Sneaky I know, but you will thank me for it in the end....possibly!

A student asked me why did I decide to become a Geography teacher as it was a boring subject, and before I could formulate a reply she walked away. I pondered the question and thought back to a teacher who once encouraged my interest, and I decided that Geography is an all consuming addiction, and that once it has you hooked nothing in life will ever be the same again. War and famine will enter your room, environmental destruction becomes personal, watching the news is like a field trip and natural disasters are no longer acts of god but merely a symbol of the incomprehensible power of the earth. The mind is constantly racing through the causes, the impacts, and the effects, weighing up the problems and benefits of issues and ultimately it becomes greedy for more and more.

Soon, like any addiction, its become a lifestyle choice, the supermarket visit becomes a conflicting battle of ideology, the coffee becomes an issue of fair trade, the trainers become a symbol of workers rights and exploitation, a holiday becomes an issue of human rights and your carbon footprint its so hard to switch it off. Symbiotic in its nature, it grows, it controls you, and it plays with the emotions. It makes you angry and hunger for the just cause, it makes you weak at knees at the power of nature, you become one within its all-encompassing power, it empowers and disarms; it makes a friend of a stranger.

Will geography make you interesting? Maybe. Will it make you a better person? Maybe. But geography is more than an exam, more than a grade, it's a continuum of knowledge passed from generation to generation, for the length of human life, it's a proud tradition carried from the ancient libraries of Babylon, it's nourishment for the soul, it's an interest that will never die.
Finally, you come to realise that everything is geography; nothing escapes its all conquering march. Stand to the side and its passes you, sit in its path, and it will sweep you along in its raging waters. Ignore it and the ghost of Geography teachers past will haunt you for all eternity. Well, maybe!

(After Malc.)

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