Populations in Transition


population change

Explain population trends and patterns in births (Crude Birth Rate), natural increase, and mortality (Crude Death Rate, infant and child mortality rates), fertility and life expectancy in contrasting regions of the world. Analyse population pyramids. Explain population momentum and its impact on population projections.
5 hours


Population Pyramids

responses to high and low fertility

Explain dependency and ageing ratios. Analyse the impacts of youthful and ageing populations. Evaluate examples of a pro-natalist policy and an anti-natalist policy.
4 hours

Impacts of youthful and ageing populations
Nigers high birthrate is caused by religion and poverty
IB study guide page 17

Exam style question - Examine the impacts of youthful and ageing populations (10 marks)

Responses to high fertility - China

Time magazine - a brief history of Chinas one child policy
Shanghai encourages second child for eligible couples
China plans the end of hated one child policy
China rethinking the one child policy
China the worlds new superpower is beginning the new century with an alarming surplus of males
Wikipedia - one child policy
Has Chinas one child policy worked?
Chinas one child policy, success or failure?

Responses to low fertility - France
Parenthood policies in Europe
France plans to pay cash for more babies
French government eyes 'le baby boom'

Policy responses to population ageing and population decline in France

Exam style question - Can governments control the fertility of a country? (10 marks)
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movement responses— migration

Discuss the causes of migrations, both forced and voluntary. Evaluate internal (national) and international migrations in terms of their geographic (socio-economic, political and environmental) impacts at their origins and destinations.
6 hours


This website from the BBC is excellent at illustrating the major movements of populations in the 20th. century.

Afghanistan Refugee Crisis
Wikipedia - History of Afghanistan
BBC - Three million Afghans in Pakistan
BBC - Refugees find their niche in Australia
BBC - Arrests over afghan attack
BBC - Quick guide Afghanistan

You Tube - UNHCR channel
Afghans womens mission

Internal migration within China.

Mexico to USA
bit of a tired cliche I know but it always gives me the opportunity to play a song by Tom Russell that I love.

25 states are considering tough measures on illegal immigrantsclimate change could increase Mexico to USA migration
gender and change

Examine gender inequalities in culture, status, education, birth ratios, health, employment, empowerment, life expectancy, family size, migration, legal rights, and land tenure.
4 hours

The World Bank - Millennium Development Goals - promote gender equality and empower women by 2015
The global Gender gap report 2010

The Girl Effect
a good general introduction to some of the issues facing not only women but young girls in LEDC's today.

Population momentum. The tendency for population growth to continue beyond the time that replacement-level fertility has been achieved because of a relatively high concentration of people in the childbearing years. For example, the absolute numbers of people in developing countries will continue to increase over the next several decades even as the rates of population growth will decline. This phenomenon is due to past high fertility rates which results in a large number of young people. As these youth grow older and move through reproductive ages, the greater number of births will exceed the number of deaths in the older populations.


Lorenz Curves, dot maps, population pyramids, flow diagrams (migraiton patterns), Spearman Rank - CBR (Crude Birth Rate) CDR (Crude Death Rate) TFR (Total Fertility Rate) GNP per capita (population change in contrasting regions of the world)