Unit 1
Development and Ghana
Unit 2
Globalization and Tourism

Introductory Unit.


The importance of Geography!

Unit 1


Development and Ghana

Textbook resource - Geog. 3

Unit 2.


Globalisation and Tourism

Textbook resource - Geog. 3.

REMEMBER when you search for Globalisation on the internet you will get different results if you use the English spelling of Globalisation or the American spelling of Globalization.

Key concepts and Learning objectives.
  • What is Globalisation and why does it involve me?
  • Is Globalisation economic, political, environmental or cultural?
  • Why is globalisation important?

1. Watch the two YOU TUBE videos and write down at least 5 key points about globalisation.
2. Then using the definitions used in class, your 5 key points (and the Wikipedia definition if you need any extra help) write your own definition of 'Globalization' and then use either Audacity or vozMe to generate an mp3 audio file of that definition. You can then either save it in your email, email it to me or post it on the wiki.
Your definition should be between 35 and 40 words in length.

Key concepts and Learning objectives.
  • Is Globalisation a force for good or bad?
  • How global am I in my lifestyle?
  • Am I a global citizen?
Do I care about the impact of globalisation on culture?

1. Go to the visited countries website,fill in all the countries that you have visited and then click 'go' to produce a world map that shows all your travels. Print off a copy of the map and then glue it into your exercise book.
2. Answer the following questions;
  • How much more global are you than other people in your class?
  • Do you think that you are more global than an average student in Europe?
  • Why could you possibly be more global than an average young person in Pakistan? (use your knowledge of development here)
3. Once you have finished answering all of the questions play the following game.Sim Sweatshop Consider both the positive and negative impacts of Globalisation in relation to what you have learnt in the last two weeks.

Read the following newspaper article to ensure you are comfortable with the main ideas of globalisation.

Gobal Eye Globalization

Click here for full screen version


Key concepts and Learning objectives.
  • What is tourism?
  • What is a tourist?
  • What different types of tourism are there?
  • How has globalisation contributed to the growth of tourism?
  • What part has the role of transport played in this growth?

  • Tourist
  • Tourism
  • Holiday
  • globalisation
  • transport

Use a mind mapping programme such as mind42.com or draw your own mind map in your textbook.Remember if you are drawing it you will need to use a full page, and lots of coloured pens!

You will produce a mindmap that shows all of the factors that have had an influence on global tourism. You also need to think about whether each of the factors have caused the amount of tourism to increase or decrease. Below are some links that should help you.

Key concepts and Learning objectives.
  • Why is tourism an increasingly global business?
  • What do tourism statistics show us?
  • Why are the most popular destinations not the same as the countries making the most money from tourism?
  • What are the differences between LEDCs and MEDCs in terms of tourism?

Complete the diamond ranking exercise, you will need to click on the cross in the top left hand corner and then move the box to the position that you think it should be, most important at the top and least important at the bottom. Print it out and stick in your exercise book.

Click here for full screen version

Key concepts and Learning objectives.
  • What is sustainable tourism?
  • What is eco tourism?

There are so many places in the world that I want to go on holiday to. As a geographer the Grand Canyon is just one of them. Watch this powerpoint and then design a 4 slide powerpoint telling me all about a particular place that you want to go to. I do not want one slide with just the title on it and then a final slide with just your name, that is is waste of both our time. 4 slides, informative and geographical, thats it!

happy-feet-DVDcover.jpg B00005JNX0.01._SCLZZZZZZZ_.jpg1233.jpg beverly-hills-chihuahua.jpg

Key concepts and Learning objectives.
  • How do films encourage tourism?
  • Would you want to go to a country just because you have seen a film about it?
  • Do you think the image presented by the films is positive?

Read the BBC article about tourism in Madagascar

Design 9 iphone or ipod touch applications that would be useful to you as a tourist.
Let your imagination go wild, you can draw them or get pictures from the internet to add to the following template, but remember you do need to add an explaination of what each of your iphone apps. do, otherwise no-one will know!



Coastal Mineral resources
Oceanic Trench Wikipedia.
Play the Savage Seas game


HOMEWORK 8D set 23 Feb. due 1 March. 8R set 25 Feb. due 4 March.
Create an annotated map of the world along the lines of the one on page 119. You will be given an A4 map of the world and then it is up to you to find images, pictures, sand, driftwood, shells..... whatever!
Glue them all on and then explain what they are and their purpose in the oc

They Found Nemo!
Key concepts and Learning objectives.
  • How do we get fresh water from the oceans?
  • How do we know life began in the oceans?
  • What is the importance of Coral reefs?


Ocean World, What are Coral Reefs?
What are Coral Reefs?
Acid seas may kill 98% of worlds coral reefs

HOMEWORK 8D set 1 March due 8 March. 8R set 4 March due 11 March.
Watch the Finding Nemo Trailer.
The Form 1 teachers are all off sick!
There is no one to cover for them............except for you!!!!!!
Using the Film Finding Nemo as your inspiration you are to design an activity that will last for a 40 minute lesson.
At the end of the lesson the form 1 students should know at least 3 types of fish that live on coral reefs, what coral reefs are and where in the world they are found.
You can use any resources that you would find in a normal primary classroom.

You can plan the lesson in any way you like, and then write it up as a powerpoint, word document....whatever! You are the teacher and the students have to do what you tell them to!
You can use art, drama, science................
This website is fabulous for ideas Enchanted Learning

Some examples of students work:

Key concepts and Learning objectives.
  • How do the oceans affect global climates?
  • What is El Nino and La Nina?
  • Why are the oceans a carbon sink?

Friendly Floatees World Map
[[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/El_Niño-Southern_Oscillation|El Nino the Southern Osscilation]] , Wikipedia
What is an El Nino?

HOMEWORK 8D set 8 March due 15 March. 8R set 11 March due 18 March.
Complete the Class Tools post-it activity with at least 6 negative or positive impacts that man has had on the worlds oceans, you just click on the box and type, use the black dot in the box as a pointer to identify an area that you are writing about. Save and then print it out or e-mail to me.

Key concepts and Learning objectives.
  • Why has man had such an impact on the worlds oceans?
  • What is the Tragedy of the commons?
  • How is Climate Change related to the oceans?

Why is the worlds biggest landfill in the middle of the Pacific Ocean?
The worlds rubbish dump
Tragedy of the commons Wikipedia

HOMEWORK8D set 15 March due 22 March. 8R set 18 March due 25 March.
Using wordle create a wordle word cloud that covers all of the important issues that have been covered in this unit about oceans and their use and abuse,

Key concepts and Learning objectives.
  • What happened at Minimata Bay in Japan?
  • What is the impact of overfishing on the oceans?
  • Why is there an island of rubbish in the middle of the Pacific ocean?

Minimata Bay Tragedy Wikipedia
Impact of Overfishing and the domino effect

HOMEWORK 8D set 22 March. 8R set 25 March.
Revise for test that will cover everything learnt in the last 5 weeks since Carnival Half Term.